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These days, technology is on upraise and with each passing day, new and advanced tech solutions have been ravishing on the world. However, with this exponential increase, the number of cyber threats and crimes are increasing significantly. This colossal situation calls for the innovative solution and in all these times, Avast has become the need of an hour. Avast is the most used antivirus and removal software that can be readily downloaded for convenient use.

What is Avast?

Avast is the new software with a liability to functionality priming from the antiviruses, heuristic engines, and Spywares. Once you get your hands on this software, it will provide full-spectrum protection against cyber threats such as emails, P2P transfers, weird messages, and web surfing. If you are a rigorous downloader, it can tell you if some download has a bad reputation or contains the virus for you to make an informed and practical decision.

The Reason for Popularity

It is needless to say that everyone has used Avast once in their life and for some geeks, it’s the go-to option for the computer and cyber protection. In addition to the full-spectrum protection and removal services, there is a multitude of other reasons as well. Avast has been inculcated with the silent mode to ensure you are able to hide away the unwanted alerts and the on-access protection is apt to keep the system away from malware and viruses. On top of everything is its versatility as it can be used on Windows and Mac all the same. Last but not the least, the functionality is pretty impressive and once you get hold of it, there is no going back.

Avast Removal Tool Things To Know

Avast Removal Tool - Avast Uninstall Utility - Avast Clear
Avast Removal Tool – Avast Uninstall Utility – Avast Clear

Once you have made the decision of opting for Avast, you need to consider multiple things inclusive of;

  • You will need to install the Avast web browser while you are installing the Avast. However, downloading the web browser isn’t necessary as you have the liberty to check off the box of downloading the browser
  • You can only use the free version for 30 days as, after that, you will need to pay for the services that you want to have. There is a regular registration procedure which is pretty simple
  • There are also free versions but they still need the annual registration

This software has been named as the most used and most lethal protection and removal software. There are some essential things to consider and if you are fine with them, this can be the most real antivirus and removal program.

Avast Uninstaller

There is no doubt in saying that Avast clear is one of the most special tools which can help for the computer scanning. This software can clear out all the traces of Avast products without any doubt. The main reason is that Avast software cannot be downloaded and removed as simple as from the control panel as other software. This requires the users to utilize the Avast removal tool to remove the other Avast applications from the computer system.

If you want to delete Avast products using the Avast Removal Tool, use the following steps and implement them;

  1. Download the Avast Removal Tool on the desktop in the form of avastclear.exe
  2. Install it and run it in the safe mode
  3. Then, execute the uninstall
  4. Click on remove
  5. Now, restart the computer system and the Avast product will be deleted

Avast Uninstall Utility

There are other ways to delete the Avast products from the computer system and one of them is using the Avast Uninstall Utility. It has to be named as one of the most excellent ways to remove the Avast products on the Windows system. This can be done when the Windows is in the safe mode. However, the version of Windows counts. So, if you are using Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, or Vista, you can implement the following steps and get on the right track;

  1. Start your computer system
  2. Click on the start buttons
  3. Go for “apps and features” on the left panel
  4. Click on the Avast product and select the uninstall button
  5. Give permission for the uninstallation
  6. Select the Uninstall button at the bottom and click on yes
  7. It might take some time and the new dialog box will appear asking to restart the system for completing the uninstallation process
  8. Click on yes and the computer will restart

Avast Uninstall Procedure

It is needless to say that there are a plethora of options to work on if you want to remove Avast products from the system. Using the Avast Setup Wizard for avast uninstall is one of those options and it is possible by opting for the following steps;

  1. Switch on the Windows
  2. Save Avast Uninstall Utility in the standard desktop location
  3. Download avastclear.exe on the computer and run it as an administrator
  4. Say yes if there is any permission dialog box opening-up
  5. Say yes to the safe mode and click on the Avast file location
  6. Click on Avast uninstall and it will take a few minutes to remove the Avast products
  7. Then, it will ask for the restarting to complete the uninstallation process. Once the computer restarts, the computer will be free from the Avast products.

The Cons of Avast Removal Tool

Nothing can be perfect and Avast is no exception and there are some limitations adhered to it as well. Avast Removal Tool & Avast has some downsides which people need to consider without investing time and resources in it. For instance, if some software or download is malicious, it can uninstall it and cannot be used for commercial use. However, it is apt for personal use. If you want to take over maximum pros, you will need to opt for the regular registration and you might want to consider the in-app ads!

Features of Avast Removal Tool

In this section, we explain all the essential features of the Avast removal tool and Avast! which have empowered it to become the most used removal and protection software. There is free and paid version; people are commonly using the free versions but the people who use the paid version have been saying that it is too less for the price it charges. So, let’s dig deeper and see what Avast has to offer to all its users!


With the free version of Avast and Avast Uninstall Utility, they have really cranked up the notch and the basic virus detection is literally better than the paid version. They have a unique feature of detecting outdated software, network issues, unprotected sensitive data, weak passwords, and malicious browser add-ons rather than only detecting the malware and viruses. As far as the effectiveness is concerned, the sensitive document search is pretty high on the charts.

The best part is that it is sporting the Data Loss Prevention which is a tool to store sensitive information such as credit cards and security numbers. On the other hand, the weak password scan is pretty sluggish and the developers could really wake their way on this.

Is There A Grade?

This is all about malware detection and it comes with the antivirus engines that have the highest level of effectiveness which boasts the high-end features. These features have been designed and tested under rigorous conditions and have been resulted to be efficient at reducing the vectors and detect malware such as propagates and injection attacks. Avast Removal Tool and Avast Uninstall Utility have the tendency to detect and destroy the infections in a period of few seconds without putting any pressure on the computer system.

Online Security and Quality of Life

Avast Removal Tool has the top-notch smart scan features which are readily available on the main menu area and there are multiple options such as full virus scan and boot-time scan. However, people have been complaining about the slow processing of the Full Virus Scam and if the machine is slow, it can add multiple hours. If there had been a computer infection in the past, you need to run the full virus scan to get rid of the issues and eliminate the threats.

On top of that, there is a Wi-Fi scanner as well which will run a background check on every device that has been visible or connected to the device in the last one minute.

Ease Of Use

Avast Removal Tool has to be the stealing point of Avast as it can provide convenient use and covers all the essential features without bringing any pain. However, the user interface tends to be a bit dark which can get difficult to comply with. However, on top of everything, the customer service support is top-notch and surpasses the expected level of help required.

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