How To Add Battery Charging Animation Effects Using Bubble App

Customization of Android’s in greatest quality is a fixed truth. You can change the symbols, the home screen, the lock screen, and even the status bar or route bar to a degree. Most Android makers incorporate an implicit subject battery as well. Besides, here we will discuss how to add battery charging animation effects using a Bubble app that makes your android smartphone look great.

How To Add Battery Charging Animation Effects

Battery Charging Animation Effects Using Bubblee App
Battery Charging Animation Effects Using Bubble App

Because of another app on the Google Play Store, you can now likewise customize your Android’s charging with cautions and animations. While the absence of a charging animation on Android gadgets isn’t quite a bit of an issue, there do exist some different issues. The app called Bubble – Cool bubble effects on battery charging hopes to solve a portion of those issues. You can also read – Best Free Movie Download App for Android 2020.

Leaving a gadget charging for a really long time can be dangerous. It does influence the battery life span to consistently charge your gadget’s battery to a full 100%. On certain gadgets, however, leaving them charging throughout the night can even reason issues, for example, fires.

The bubble is a decent looking and wonderful battery charging animation app which encourages you to improve the appearance of your advanced mobile phone. The bubble will show a huge number of fascinating straightforward bubbles proceeding onward your screen.

You can customize the bubbles charging animation effects by moving the size of the bubbles, shades of bubbles. Additionally, you can likewise set battery alarm cautions for a full battery or low battery notice.

The app goes with a lot of valuable alternatives and highlights. The bubble can be utilized as a Battery low alarm or battery full alarm also.



– Bubbles battery marker

– Battery Percentage marker

– Change air pocket colors

– More fascinating flying items separated from bubbles

– Full and low battery alarm

– Themes with colorful effects

– The clean and simple app interface

Bubble charging animation effects makes your android telephone such exciting background, display the cool bubbles animations to your mates. demonstrate the heart moving on the screen to your friendliness – sweetheart or your gorgeous spouse. You can also read How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020?

Battery charging alarms and notice, causes you to continue reminding to unplug the power when it’s fully charged or plug if the battery level goes below the battery rate you considered.

Battery level alarms with cool fascinating animations make it a complete app for your android smartphone.

How To Add Battery Charging Animation Effects Using Bubblee App
How To Add Battery Charging Animation Effects

Attempt now and let us discover what you like increasingly about the app and recommend us your plans to improve the app and make it progressively valuable for the android network.

The Overcharging of the battery can harm the battery so it should be stopped out when it arrives at 100%.

So Full Charge Alarm will assist you with keeping your telephone’s Battery solid.

Charging Animation Effects app has low battery caution and a full battery alarm for your support.

The full battery-ready standbys and protects your portable battery from overcharging and the app also remind you when your battery is low.


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