Best App to Catch the Person Who Tried to Unlock Your Phone

Even when you’ve got a screen lock onto your phone, someone may try to get right into it. If you are worried that someone is attempting to break in your phone or wish to have photo proof in the event of theft, then we’ve got the apps for you. Let us take a peek at how they could help capture snoopers from the act. Before you put in these apps to capture phone snoopers, you need to know a few things common to them all.

Lockwatch - Thief Catcher

Best App to Catch the Person Who Tried to Unlock Your Phone

Lockwatch is an astute little application that covertly snaps a picture utilizing the front camera when somebody attempts to open your telephone with an inappropriate code.

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The Android program doesn’t allow apps to find out whether a fingerprint unlock was effective or not. Therefore, these apps just work for grabbing incorrect PINs, passwords, or routines. We have compared your own Android lock screen safety choices if you are not certain what to use. If you would like to toggle this by yourself, visit Settings > Security & Location > Advanced > Device admin apps and then enable/disable your preferred app.

Lockwatch – Thief Catcher

It is a simple solution that is simple to use: simply enable it and you’re going to get an email when someone attempts to break in your phone. To begin utilizing Lockwatch, start the app and empower the Send awake email slider. The app will ask you to place it as a device administrator, as stated above. Ensure to have a current email address at the Emails must be sent to the area.

Then, hit the Number of unlock efforts and select between one, two, or three wrong attempts required prior to the email sends. It is not advisable to set this to 2 so that you do not get false positive emails when you mistype your password.

But, Lockwatch won’t send an email should you enter the right password within 10 minutes of this malfunction.
When Lockwatch captures someone, the email will include the photograph it required, the GPS area of the phone, and a map of the region. You can still use this to track off your device, or simply know who is attempting to glimpse!

Lockwatch retains its Premium attributes on another tab. Paying the one time $4 charge for Premium allows you to get alarms if the SIM card varies or someone powers off your phone without breaking it. You will also get three pictures rather than one, and a sound clip, from the email.


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