How To Hide WhatsApp Chat Conversation on Android

This is usually done by people who don’t want other people to read specific WhatsApp chat conversations, but without needing to delete the full WhatsApp chat conversation out of their telephone indefinitely.

If you’re among those people who’ve always wanted to hide some of their chats, so they don’t appear on the chat screen to permit them to recover the conversation in a subsequent point, here’s some fantastic news. This is comparatively simple and hustle-free to perform, and We Here will share the best way to hide WhatsApp chat conversation on android using chat curtain.

Hide WhatsApp Chat Conversation

Please be aware; this only applies to people who want to hide specific conversations but aren’t concerned about hiding the whole application. Here’s a step-by-step instruction to hide your WhatsApp Chats with the easiest method: The Chat Curtain app.

The Chat Curtain app lets you hide particular WhatsApp conversations on the Chat screen.

Chat Curtain to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Chat Curtain is an electronic curtain that will help you protect your privacy. Whether you’re using your mobile phone in the public place or you do not want anybody sitting alongside you to take a peek at your messages, chat curtain protects you. Chat curtain allows you to chat on Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder, or some other social messenger or network by concealing your display with Chat Curtain. You may pick the color of your chat curtain, and you may also place the transparency. You can also read how to change App Icons on Android.

You may also use the chat curtain to take half screenshots, or you’ll be able to use it while viewing private videos, to ensure that when someone comes, all you need to do is fall the curtain. It’s possible to use chat curtain on almost any app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Messenger, Chrome, and more. Chat curtain doesn’t hide your telephone calls, so which it is possible to find the telephone notification even in quiet mode.

Chat Curtain is quite simple to use. All you need to do is click on the app to trigger the Chat Curtain floating icon. You can drag the curtain down or up, and it can cover any other app, while it can be Facebook or messenger or even Whatsapp.

The best way to Use

  • Download the Chat Curtain app in your android device.
  • Click the Chat Curtain app icon.
  • The chat curtain opens into a bubble.
  • Users may open the curtain everywhere by simply clicking onto the floating icon.


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