How To Hide WhatsApp Chat Name in Android

We are aware that WhatsApp is growing up as a major chatting Program. So in very use full WhatsApp privacy setting, we must do, and then we do not know just like, Hide WhatsApp Chat Name and last seen time in your profile. And one extra is Hide WhatsApp profile image on the Android.

How to Hide Whatsapp Chat Name in Android

Whatsapp is the best platform where Billions of people can send messages, images, videos, and other stuff instantly. If you believe WhatsApp is a secure platform to produce conversations and exchange data than you’re wrong. You can also read how to Lock Your WhatsApp Chat.

Chats are a little bit risky on WhatsApp, which means you need to take care when you are chatting or exchanging data with your friends. Sometimes you begin chatting with your loved ones, and you dropped embarrassed because of almost sitting individuals who always look your cellular screen as you’re chatting on WhatsApp. It’s a known thing that when you’re chatting with your secret friends in a public place or at your home, you seem shy or sad.

Hide Whatsapp Chat Name

While chatting on WhatsApp, you always feel that if it is possible to hide chat names through chat, it will be grateful. Congrats, today, I will tell you in an android program that will enable you to hide your chat name through chatting.

How does it work?

When you start conversations with your friends and would like to hide his/her name, you only need to press on the green dot that’s appearing on the screen, and you will see that your friend’s name and the picture will be transformed into that one which was customized by you.

How To Hide WhatsApp Chat Name in Android
Hide WhatsApp Chat Name in Android

Today you can continue your conversations in any location without any hesitation. When you would like to get rid of the fake chat name label, then you need to click on the green dot, and it’ll remove from the original tag.
It’s another fantastic feature its notification always emerging in the notification panel from you can begin it with a single click.

I’m sure this application will help you to hide WhatsApp chat name in the only click. If you like this article, then please share it with your friends on social media to assist them in hiding WhatsApp chat names. Now you may set up WhatsApp chat name hide APK application by clicking on the download button below.


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