How to Customize Navigation Bar in Android Phone

How to Customize Navigation Bar in Android Phone?

People that are operating the very first Android O Developer Preview might have toyed around with its concealed navigation bar customizer found in the SystemUI Tuner. This nav bar customizer has been around at AOSP for decades, but it had been believed that the only method to get it on Android Nougat was via a modification of the System UI APK, which, naturally, would require root access. It was only just this week which we found that Android Nougat’s concealed nav bar customizer might actually be obtained without having root access, a custom ROM, or even a System UI mod. With this attribute, we could alter the nav bar iconsswap the keys around, or insert extra buttons.

Among the highlights of Android is its own immense customization features. Be it that the status bar, house display or program automation, so there are just a few things that you can not do in an Android device.

Once it comes to Android customization, the navigation bar or the navbar is mostly ignored. This is sometimes attributed to the fact that a significant chunk of telephones have buttons. Plus, the majority of the apps work just on rooted Android telephones.

Invoke magnificent and lively navigation bar on your device where you want by simply clicks! Add custom buttons for your current navigation bar. Customize your smart phone by Shifting customized navigation bar without the wisdom of complex programming abilities. Start investigating the world of customized navigation bar through the all-new Colorful Custom Navigation Bar app especially designed for Android consumers to supply them with the vulnerability and an awareness of credibility above their cell phone and apparatus. Colorful Custom Navigation Bar is a wealthy feature-driven app that enfolds remarkable navigation bar settings such as color, animation, gradient, emoji, battery design, etc..


Free installment.
Easy to set up.
Free to function.
Easy to know.
Straightforward and pleasant layout.
Newest material layout.
twist on the toggle choice of this Navigation app in the top right corner of this app.
Color choice: Pick and select the preferred color for the navigation bar.
Picture: Pick and then select your preferred image for the navigation bar.
Cartoon: Pick and then select your preferred animation to the navigation bar.


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