How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020?

How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020?

Technology is improving step by step and we find new features in the cell phones. Here we will discover how to hide photos and videos in your android gallery 2019-2020. The smartphones are furnished with the unique finger scanner, facial acknowledgment, PIN or secret phrase to make the information in your phone more secure.

How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020
How to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020

Be that as it may, there are several phones who don’t give more security, when you open the phone. Also, a few people take photos or make videos that they would prefer not to inform to all. In this article, we will reveal to you Best App to Hide Photos and Videos in Android in 2019-2020 for the folks who need more security in their phones. Also, the app is helpful if your device gets lost or some incident happens. This app will protect your photos and videos to get leaked. You can also read How to Block any Android Camera.

A large portion of us love sharing selfies, nature snaps, and family photos with our companions. It’s those humiliating, not-implied for-open review media that we need to keep private. Luckily, some phenomenal Android apps are accessible to conceal pictures and videos from prying eyes. These applications offer different features, for example, distraction app, stealth mode, PIN insurance, and military-grade encryption innovation to guarantee your “prized” media isn’t open to simply anyone.

Step By Step Method to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020

Nomedia is the best app to hide photos, videos, and files. This app is viewed as the safest one, anyway we question that different apps are less safe than this.

Most importantly, there are three types of security: PIN, Pattern Lock, and unique finger impression. Unique finger impression is something new, which isn’t accessible in different apps, so this is truly the in addition to.

Also, the display wherein photos are being replaced or duplicated is full with helpful features. The most outstanding ones are turn, zoom and slideshow. So, what it means is that you can basically use the app as the main gallery and nobody will ever understand that you have any media files whatsoever. The comfort of review files is the second in addition to.

Thirdly, the app enables you to synchronize and back up your photos, videos or files. These are pleasant choices, yet they are also given by different apps.

Highlights to Hide Photos and Videos in Android Gallery 2019-2020

An honest benefit, however, is a stunning basic design. Clear interface makes this app one of the top. There is also an excellent package, which incorporates such features as changing a front of a collection, fake PIN, extra passwords, break-in alert, etc. You can discover how to hide photos and videos in android gallery 2019-2020, a portion of these being completely free on different apps.

What do we have at that point? A protected and pleasant app, which is suitable for clients who like honesty and needn’t bother with additional features. The app has everything a one requirement for keeping files secured. You can also read Best Free Photo Editor App For Android.


– Very helpful and organized, easy to access your files and get to what you want very quickly

– Locks your preferred photos and videos, and notifying apps

– Wonderful application and fully working. You have to restart your phone after doing the process on application.


– Having a little bit ad.


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