How to Hide WhatsApp App on any Android Phone

There are loads of reasons why you’d love to hide WhatsApp, apps, photographs, and other documents on your Android device. Perhaps you’ve got any graphics you would like your mom does not see if she wants to borrow your phone. Maybe you’ve got some personal files that contain sensitive private information.

No matter the motive, there are loads of alternatives concerning hiding content on your phone. We are going to examine the ones which you can use on any Android phone in addition to those who are offered on Samsung, OnePlus, along with other popular gadgets.

How to Hide WhatsApp App on any Android Phone

You can readily hide Whatsapp and apps on any phone with the method below, no matter which brand you are using. The very first one is acceptable for hiding pre-installed apps you do not use in addition to hiding the apps you do use but wish to be particular nobody, but you see. You can also read How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android.

Why Would Anyone Want To Hide Apps on Android?

How to Hide WhatsApp App on any Android Phone
How to Hide WhatsApp App on any Android

Hiding anything app in your phone or tablet computer is a method that people keep things private or safe. In the event of hiding apps, an individual might opt to do this for a range of factors. As an instance, somebody may have loved ones that don’t believe in solitude. Hiding apps that have sensitive communications or information is one method to safeguard your privacy.

Another reason people might decide to hide WhatsApp and Apps in their device would be to safeguard information such as financial information, company keys, or intellectual property from being compromised if their phone is stolen or lost.

Ultimately, a few Android devices arrive packed with bloatware that clutters your device. These unworthy applications can hinder locating the apps you use most frequently and can lead to confusion or perhaps slow your device down whenever they are running continuously. Hiding these apps cleans up the user experience and will help your device execute far better.

Using a Third-Party App

The easiest technique is to put in a third-party app that has been created especially for this function. All these”app-hider apps” will enable you to change the icons and names to the apps in your display, or hide your WhatsApp and apps entirely. A few of those spy app hiders can also disguise themselves as a different kind of inconspicuous app, like a calendar or calculator.

Dialer Vault – App Hider is another famous free choice, which, as its name suggests, can enable you to hide your chosen apps from perspective. As a bonus, also, it hides as a calculator. Anyone with a casual browse through your phone will probably be much less inclined to guess that you have participated in any sleight of hands.

Open and install Dialer Vault – App Hider, tap on the + icon to pick an app you want to hide.

Dialer Vault will enable you to hide any app Like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messanger, and others. And maintain your privacy by hiding apps. You can start concealed apps in Dialer Vault or port of your phone. Also, Dialer Vault supplies hidden image features, your photos import in the gallery, so others can’t observe these photos. You can navigate protected images in the hider’s gallery.


  1. Hide WhatsApp and all of the installed applications (No ROOT Getting).
  2. Password security (After the very first time, wish to create the password).
  3. Supports hiding any applications used on cellular phones (Easy way hide apps).
  4. The hidden app may be utilized from the Dialer Vault and use the principal port from the phone.
  5. Hide Whatsapp Notifications, provide notification in 3 manners / only amount/none.

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