How to Put full video in WhatsApp status 2020

I really like WhatsApp’s status attribute. It enables me to discuss some intriguing snippets in my entire day with my WhatsApp family. Together with the capacity to talk about videos, pictures, text, and GIF’s, this Snapchat like attribute helps break the monotony. But, there are limitations on video size and duration at WhatsApp Status. The way to skip the limitations to put a full video in WhatsApp Status?

It is wonderful, nevertheless, while sharing videos that I really do believe that the 30-second limitation is a small bummer. So, I could be too creative and create full long clips that specify my status for the afternoon or that I use this nifty little hack which lets me post more videos because of my WhatsApp Status.

Put the full video in WhatsApp status 2020

How to Put full video in WhatsApp status
How to Put the full video in WhatsApp status

Yes, it requires some third-party applications. Nonetheless, these apps are offered at no cost. So, are you really interested in understanding how to put a full video in WhatsApp status?

To skip WhatsApp’s 30-second status limitation, there is just two simple way. The initial step on how to put a full video in Whatsapp status would be to create a few 30-second clips from a more video and post it on WhatsApp. While the next secret is to convert the video into a GIF picture. You can also read DM Saver for Instagram Android 2020.

Because there’s absolutely no limit regarding how long that a GIF picture can be, you’re free to post anything. In this manner, it is easy to put a full video in WhatsApp status as your own WhatsApp Status. Create Files Utilizing WFVS It helps the users to create full status video clips out of an extended video with no user intervention and that’s the very best part.

In this manner, you are able to how to put a full video in WhatsApp status as your own WhatsApp Status and discuss the whole story instead of only a glimpse of this.

NOTE: WFS is supported by advertisements, so be careful as a good deal of advertisements pop-up whilst using it. Once done, start the app.

Features & Steps:

Your house screen will take you straight to the video library onto your mobile phone. From that, choose the video you want to post as your WhatsApp Status. You may opt to put a full video in WhatsApp status. When prepared, tap the green arrow key. Once it’s done processing, then it will open your WhatsApp Status window. Here, you may opt to post it openly as your own status or discuss it with some of your contacts privately. Create a GIF Picture Utilizing video splitter.

By producing multiple smaller videos, it is easy to fix this issue. But, there are numerous files that are uploaded, and should you not like that this procedure is right for you.

You are able to create a GIF image and it is easy to add files more than a moment even since images don’t have time constraints. To accomplish this, you can use some free GIF making usefulness. Here, we’ve used video splitter. You can also read Download Spy Dialer free for Android.

NOTE: Video splitter doesn’t own a time-limit. But as they’re images, they don’t have any noise. Once done, open it and move to another step.

Put full video in WhatsApp status
Put the full video in WhatsApp status

The splash screen or the home display will show you a few choices. One of them, pick the Videos -> GIF alternative. The app will then take you into a video library. Here, choose the video that you need to post WhatsApp as your Status. The subsequent display will demonstrate the export preferences. Ideally, they’re best-suited for graphics. If you still want to alter some things, don’t hesitate to do so.

Hit CONFIRM along with the app is likely to produce a single GIF file out of the video. Now, use it and post it as your own WhatsApp status independently or as a public status.

With fantastic power comes great responsibility. Well, you’re not receiving any magic power. But you need to see that the 30-second limitation was placed there for a reason.


Using a tweak that should root your phone is risky. The best approach to put a full video in WhatsApp Status is to cut the movie into several clips and then upload them one by one. Hope you enjoy.


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