How To Save WhatsApp Status Video in Gallery

WhatsApp made the Status incorporate authority back in February. It gives users a chance to share photographs, recordings, and GIFs which vanish naturally in 24 hours. The component was at first called a “clone” of Snapchat Stories by users and specialists around the world. In any case, the component is gradually getting and getting to be well known among the users. Today we will discover how to save WhatsApp status video in the gallery.

How To Save WhatsApp Status Video in Gallery


Recently, WhatsApp propelled its Snapchat Stories clone called Status, which has turned out to be very dominant throughout the months. The Status highlight gives you a chance to transfer various photographs and recordings of your position for the duration of the day, with the end goal that they meet up to recount your story. Your Status is consequently reset the following 24 hours. After watching WhatsApp statuses the first question that comes in our mind is how to save Whatsapp status video in the gallery???

WhatsApp Status updates are temporary essentially. Thus, WhatsApp doesn’t offer an official approach to save these offers. A few users take screen capture to save the picture statuses, however what about the recordings? In fact, even the screen catches disregard to keep the image in a comparative quality everything considered on WhatsApp. So, what is the most ideal approach to save the statuses? You can also read How To Set Long Video In Whatsapp Status.

Main Features:

The occurrence of WhatsApp Status has expanded after some time and the confirmation of this lies in the way that WhatsApp Status now has 500 million everyday users universally. Basically stated, 500 million individuals over the globe share WhatsApp Status updates ordinary, a significant number of whom must be your friends who offer intriguing recordings or pictures on the stage in a configuration that disappears in 24 hours. Everyone is curious about how to save Whatsapp status video in the gallery.

Now and again these Status updates likewise incorporate recollections or messages that you would need to save and appreciate later. WhatsApp locally doesn’t offer any strategy for sparing Status updates of WhatsApp contacts. Here is a stunning app by utilizing it you can save WhatsApp status video in the gallery shared by your friends on your cell phone.

On the off chance that you claim an Android cell phone, you should simply pursue these basic advances:


Download WAStar, Status Saver Image, and Video Downloader applications on your cell phones from the Google Play Store.

How to save Whatsapp status video in the gallery

– Open the application and tap on the status image or video you want to download.
– Open Wastar and click on the video or image you want to view
– Then simply click on the Save button.

It is anything but difficult to spare the WhatsApp Status updates of your friends and family on Android cell phones. All things considered; it is suggested that you advise your friends before downloading their WhatsApp Statuses.


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