How to Solve Android Hanging Problem

How to Solve Android Hanging Problem?

One of the basic problems we face with phone these days is none other than “Hanging”. Here we will discuss how to solve android hanging problem. Nearly every android smartphone, regardless of whether its Samsung, or some other after prolong operate one or the other time phone starts to hang again and again. The basic cause of smartphone hang is the point at which you use a lot of RAM.


Today, every mate is using Android smartphone. There are huge number of Android customers around the world and it is extending day by day. But, do you know each second Android customer are facing Hanging issue in their Android smartphones? In this way, today we shall share you the main app to solve the android Hanging problem and deal with your Android Smartphone.

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Now a day billion of clients need to use various companies’ Android phone. More often, you will be irritated because of facing hanging problem in your Android smartphone. The essential reason for hanging problem is mobile phone internal storage. At the point when your phone internal storage or RAM will be down, the chance of hanging problem will get bigger. In this way, today we need to study how to solve android phone hang problem in smartphone.

Best way to solve android hanging problem

Android phone hanging problems happen because of a few reasons so in the event that you’re facing a similar problem, at that point follow this app.

Cooling Master is the best app to solve your android hanging problem. It is the temperature monitoring application that notices and closes significant resource consuming apps to lessen CPU usage and lower the android phone temperature.

It monitors temperature of android smartphone and shows temperature change bends. It analyzes the usage of CPU and notices apps that are harming basis resource to find the reason for phone overheating.

It helps to close overheating applications with one single tap to decrease CPU usage and solve android heating and hanging problem. It Closes apps that are probably going to cause temperature rise, and keeps the phone temperature from rising once more.

This App, is very well design, as well as quick to cool down your device. Really cool app and it solved your android phone’s heating issue. It’s so great that when you don’t notice your phone is overheating, it tells you which apps are overheating.

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