How to stop Android apps from stealing your Phone Data

How to stop Android apps from stealing your Phone Data

Many Android apps can talk about video and image information with third parties without your knowing. Here is the way to avoid that.

Smartphone users have speculated that certain apps were listening to their own conversations to better target ads to them. New study from Northeastern University found no signs which Android apps are tapping on your mic and sending sound without consent. But many are now sharing screenshots and videos of your program action with third parties, without your permission.

How to stop Android apps from stealing your Phone Data
How to stop Android apps from stealing your Phone Data

The investigators examined over 17,000 popular Android apps. Of these, over 9,000 had permission to get the camera and mic. While no apps examined triggered the microphone and shipped out sound without an individual prompt, many can get into a phone’s display and send that data to third parties.

Best app which prevent from stealing your phone data

SAFE Security Assessment Framework for everybody is a totally free mobile application. Which tracks the security position of an Android device. It will real time evaluations to create the SAFE Score, a few (between 0 ), which helps to visualize monitor, track, and improve the cyber security position of the underlying device.

The general SAFE score is based from four verticals where the device is tracked viz. Device Preferences, Lively Connections, Installed Programs, and also the Operating System. After security evaluation, we receive the following scores corresponding to this verticals signaling the security standing. And also we produce the SAFE score utilizing these amounts using the patent-pending version.

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The program also enables users to enhance the security position of their device by redirecting the user to alter the insecure settings of interest to the active relations and the device settings. Additionally, it helps users to comprehend permission supply across installed software and delete the unnecessary software which are taking a lot of permissions.


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