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Keyboard Apps For Android Free Download

Keyboard is the most important option for all smart phone users. Today we will disclose keyboard apps for android free download. By using keyboards, you can communicate with you friends with more speed and accuracy. It’s important to have a keyboard if you want to type the passwords of your social media accounts.

Many smart phone users depend on the keyboard app that are Pre-installed on android devices. However, there are large number of keyboard apps for android created by third party and available in Google Play Store.

Here are the two keyboard apps for android free download, we like the most that comes with new features, easy to customize and help us to type messages and much more.

1. Rockey Keyboard

This app is a gift for WhatsApp users, which allows all integration with WhatsApp extensions. This keyboad app for android has some transparent backgrounds which match with your chat color. It allows quick access to your photos and videos that are saved in WhatsApp chat. It provides you 3D mind blowing effects when ever you tilt your android phone. You can also read How To Block Unknown Numbers on Your Android Phone.

keyboard apps for android free
keyboard apps for android free

This keyboard app for android free download is known as fastest keyboard app for android smartphones. It has 1000+ wallpapers and 50+ stickers packs which makes these coolest then other apps. This app supports more than five languages. It does not allow to collect personal data without user’s permission.

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2. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is the best alternate of native keyboard for all android phone. This keyboard app let you to type faster and change you writing style. However, SwiftKey Keyboard has all typing features with free designs and themes. This free keyboard app allows you to predict the text, you want to type without any spell mistakes. You can also read Best Free Photo Editor App For Android.

keyboard apps for android free download
keyboard apps for android free download

This keyboard app for android allows to express feelings using emoji, stickers and GIF’S. This keyboard app comes with lot of unique features, which makes typing look much better and cool.

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  • This app is superb, no words to tell superb design.
  • It’s a nice app and the wallpaper is really pretty.
  • Amazing app for WhatsApp keyboard.
  • This keyboard is awesome.


  • It does not support chines language.
  • Need to add clipboard.

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