How to Play Two Songs at Once on Your Android 2020

The most effective method to play two songs at once on your android. What you can be sure of is that in the Play Store there are applications that will enable you to play a few tracks at the same time and also play two songs at once. Indeed, they will utilize the same android and the same headphones.

If you are interested in, How to play two songs at once on your android?

How to Play Two Songs at Once on Your Android 2020

Here is the best application that will give you a chance to play two songs at once by utilizing the same android and headphones. The individual headphones allow you to listen to two different songs.

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Step by step instructions on how to play two songs at once on your android.


SplitCloud allows you to play two songs at once and splits your screen into two different parts. Each part will have a free music player that you can use to listen to music. How can it work? Very simple and easy enough. Simply open the application and snap on the amplifying glass button for both music players.

Under the right side that you will likewise observe the recognizable SoundCloud logo. This is on the grounds that the application utilizes the SoundCloud API to separate the songs and play them frankly on your android. There is no compelling reason to download or document tracks locally.

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You have to search for the song you need to play and transfer it to the music player. Revise the same strategy for the other music player also. Presently when you press the play button, the top music player will play the chose song in the left headphone while the last one will play it in the right headphone.

To play two songs at once there is a choice to add songs to your top picks and you can work both music players separately without influencing the other. In the event that you need to utilize a private music player and listen to the same song, click Left or Right at the base of the screen to change to the specific music player and track on the fly.


As you have just noted, SplitCloud depends on SoundCloud to look, play music, and play two songs at once. SplitCloud lets you how to play two songs at once on your android like a boss. While SoundCloud is a fabulous method to find new independent music, despite everything it is successful to impress anyone. It will be very useful to read How to use WhatsApp Web for PC.

Final Result:

From this article, you must have come to know that how you can resolve the issue of how to play two songs at once on android. With the guide of the above-mentioned application, you can do this effectively and can play two songs at once and deal with the fight of your children and allow them to play their preferred tracks together on the single smartphone and helps a lot to play two songs at once.

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After, you are presently conscious of the way that how you could play two songs at once to complete the above-mentioned try well, quickly, and successfully. Along these lines, download the shown application and stay arranged from the child’s battle on tuning in to the songs from the android, particularly when you are having only one android smartphone. This amazing app helps you to play two songs at once on the same android phone. Continue visiting our blog for all the more such valuable pieces.


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