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WhatsApp web is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world. With millions of users around the globe, WhatsApp web is making a great impact in the social media industry. Not only is it a messaging app but also allows the users to send multimedia files to their contacts and engage in voice and video calls around the globe without any restrictions.


One of the major reasons, why WhatsApp web chat is widely being used by almost everyone today is because it is totally free. This means, all you need is an internet access to send and receive calls and texts from any one around the globe. No international charges and no limitations of any sort.

The best thing about the app is that it is compatible with all devices. You can download it on your apple, android and windows devices. But the feature that attracted everyone’s attention recently is that the developers have also made it available on the web.

The desktop version of WhatsApp is called as WhatsApp Web. You can now access your WhatsApp on Google Chrome by simply connecting your device with the desktop via a QR code. Once scanned, you will be able to enjoy most of the features of WhatsApp (mobile version) on the web without having to download the app on your device.

If you haven’t heard about WhatsApp Web scan and would like to know more about it then continue reading. In this article we are going to be discussing WhatsApp Web messenger in detail. So make sure to read it to find out how it can be beneficial to you and help you run your WhatsApp on your desktop or laptops with just a few clicks.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web is simply a replica of the WhatsApp that runs on your smartphones. The WhatsApp application that runs on your smartphone isn’t available for desktop and often there is a need for us to transfer files from our WhatsApp to our desktop. In such a case, WhatsApp Web escaner comes in handy.

Once you visit the official site of WhatsApp Web on your Google Chrome and scan the QR code, a complete replica of your WhatsApp application will be displayed on your desktop screen. You will be able to access and enjoy most of the features such as viewing and sending texts, sharing multimedia, downloading multimedia on your desktop and etc.

Although, there are some limitations to the web version of WhatsApp as you won’t be able to upload your status, change privacy settings and etc. In short, WhatsApp Web app is like the live version of the WhatsApp app running on your smartphone.

How Does It Work?

The question is how does it work? Well, there is no rocket science behind it. The official website for WhatsApp Web online is linked to developer’s data collector at the backend. Once you scan the Whatsapp web QR code on your screen, you give access to the web browser to link your WhatsApp account to the web browser.

Once the link is formed between the two devices, the data stored on your WhatsApp app on your smartphone is automatically transferred to the web browser thus it is displayed on your screen. This makes it easy for you to access your WhatsApp data on your desktop without having to transfer it via your smartphone which can be a bit of hassle.

You can easily log in to your WhatsApp account on the whats app web and logout when you like, without compromising your privacy. In simple words, it is just a simple connection between the two devices that allows you to access your WhatsApp account from both the devices.


Unlike your smartphone WhatsApp application, the web whatsapp only offers a few features to the users. Over the time period, the developers have added more and more features but there are a few limitations which need to be updated. But other than that, here are the features that you can enjoy on WhatsApp Web.

  • Desktop Notification – Similar to your smartphone, every time you receive a new message on WhatsApp, a notification will pop-up on your web whatsapp to inform you. This means that you won’t have to recheck your phone or reload the web after every five minutes to see if you have a new message. You will be informed automatically every time someone sends you a message.
  • Block – Similar to your smartphones, you also block a person from sending your messages on WhatsApp Web scanner. You can either block someone’s profile or either report it based on your preference.
  • Delete – This seems like a mandatory feature as we all have some messages to delete. So you can either delete single messages on web whatsapp or the entire chat if you wish.
  • Share – You can also send and receive multimedia files via the WhatsApp Web. No need to transfer files from your desktop to your phone anymore because you can now share them directly via your desktop.

How to login WhatsApp web?

Now the question is how do you login WhatsApp web? It is quite a simple process. There are no hardcore steps that you need to follow; just a basic understanding of the WhatsApp mobile application and the browser and you will be all set.

Since, most people get confused thus we are going to break down the entire process into steps. But before we jump into the steps, you need to understand that WhatsApp web for PC will only work when you are logged in WhatsApp mobile application. If you are logged in then simply follow the steps below and you will be logged into WhatsApp web in no time.

How can I access WhatsApp Web?

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Visit the official website web.whatsapp.com of WhatsApp web.
  3. A QR Code will be displayed on your desktop screen.
  4. Now, take your phone and open the WhatsApp application.
  5. Go to the QR scanner in Settings.
  6. Scan the QR code.
  7. And you are done.

Once the QR code is scanned successfully, a replica of your WhatsApp profile will be displayed on your desktop screen. All your recent messages and data will be added to your WhatsApp web. The best thing here is that you can use the app on both the devices simultaneously.

No matter which device you use to access your WhatsApp profile, any change you make will automatically be synchronized instantly. At both the ends, all you need is an internet connection to access to WhatsApp data.

How to logout of the WhatsApp web?

Log out of WhatsApp? Have any of us done that on our devices? Is it even possible to do so? Well, to be honest, at first even we thought that logging out of WhatsApp wasn’t possible. In order to do, one had to delete the application but that is not how it works.

We did some research and found out that logging out of WhatsApp was quite easy actually but none of us really have the need to do so on our smartphones as they are personal devices. But when it comes to WhatsApp web browser, it is accessible on laptops and PCs which we usually tend to share with other individuals as well. So for privacy reasons one needs to log out of the WhatsApp web.

If you want to do so, simply follow the steps and with just a few clicks, you will be successfully logged out. You can double check just be sure as privacy is a very important aspect. So let us move on to the steps.

  • Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  • Go the WhatsApp web option. On IOS devices, it is available in the Settings options whereas on Android devices, you will find three dots at the top right corner.
  • In the online WhatsApp web option, all devices on which your WhatsApp profile is running will be displayed.
  • Simply deselect the WhatsApp web devices.
  • And that is it.

Now reload the WhatsApp web page on your PC and you will notice that your profile is logged out.it is better to recheck it just to be sure.

Advantages of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web is packed with a number of advantages – almost all the ones that you can enjoy on your WhatsApp mobile application. But here is the list of the major advantages that WhatsApp web plus has to offer;

  • WhatsApp web makes it easy to type on your keyboard.
  • Allows you to download WhatsApp shared files on your PC or laptop.
  • Gives you a bigger interface.
  • Offer regular and instant notification on your desktop.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web

Everything comes with some drawbacks and so does WhatsApp web. Here is a list of disadvantages or drawbacks/limitations that WhatsApp web comes with;

  • It automatically logs off when your mobile battery dies.
  • It is in sync with your mobile application so if your mobile app is not connected to the internet, your WhatsApp web won’t be updated with the new messages.
  • It doesn’t allow you to make voice of video calls.
  • It doesn’t allow you to share your live location.
  • It doesn’t allow you to update your WhatsApp status.

Frequently Asked Question

Although the guide explains WhatsApp web in detail but users still have a few questions in their mind. Here are few of the frequently asked questions. Read through them as they might help answer your queries.

1)     Does WhatsApp web only work on Google Chrome?

Yes, WhatsApp web is only available on Google Chrome. So if you wish to run WhatsApp web on your laptop or PC, you need to download Google Chrome as it is only compatible with that browser at present. We are hoping that in the near future, download WhatsApp Web for PC will be available for all browsers.

2)     How to use WhatsApp Web on mobile?

Open WhatsApp on mobile phones and follow these steps
Android Phone Users: Go to Chat screen < Click on Top 3 dots < More options < finally WhatsApp Web
iPhone Users: Go to settings on the left side of the screen < then WhatsApp Web

3)     How can I get WhatsApp QR Code?

It’s effortless to open your web browser (chrome, opera, firefox) and type web.whatsapp.com, WhatsApp QR Code will appear. Now open WhatsApp on your smartphone and scan the both WhatsApp QR Code.

4)     How to set up the WhatsApp desktop notifications?

Similar to your WhatsApp mobile application, you can set up desktop notifications as well. Simply visit the settings option on your WhatsApp Web APK and activate the notifications. Once activated, every time you receive a new message a popup notification will appear on your screen.

5)     What are the uses of WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp mobile application comes with a number of benefits and so does the WhatsApp web. Most people stick to the mobile application. The WhatsApp web is mostly used when one needs to transfer files from their WhatsApp application to the PC. WhatsApp web makes it easy to do so as no cable or transferring is required. All you need to do is scan the QR code and download the file on your PC from your WhatsApp profile.


WhatsApp web code is an amazing tool that helps you access your WhatsApp profile via a web browser on your desktop. When it comes to communication, nothing can beat WhatsApp web login. The web version offers 80% of the features of the app version. We believe that over time all 100% of the features will be added to the web version.

Since WhatsApp web is only at its initial stage, thus more is to come. But all the basic features are available at present thus you can enjoy all the features in the available version. So what are you waiting for? Go try it out and stay tuned with us for the latest updates.