How to Customize Android Home Screen with Floating Toolbox

The home screen is one of the most basic parts of your smartphone. It is where you launch apps, perform web searching, check tools, and more. Android lets you customize that experience any way you expect. The first question that comes to our mind is how to customize android home screen with floating Toolbox. The Google Play Store is full of brilliant home screen customization apps. Here is the astonishing app you must have on your smartphone to customize your android home screen like a boss.

How to Customize Android Home Screen with Floating Toolbox

There are a lot of different launchers in the Play Store, the majority of which depend on the AOSP edition of the stock Android launcher. Indeed, even Google is getting into the game with the Google Now Launcher. However, it’s accessible for a couple of gadgets up until now.

As a general rule, Floating Launcher will be the one you choose. This Launcher has a crazy number of highlights and alternatives, and the engineer has recently pushed some huge updates.

Floating Toolbox (Floating Launcher) is the best app to customize android home screen and create the shortcut of your android favorite installed application.

Floating Toolbox allows you to access your applications anywhere by pressing the Floating button.


– You can add applications to Floating Toolbox by pressing the launcher symbol.

– It allows you to add up to 5 applications. If you want to add an unlimited number of apps, you must buy its premium version.

– Place the Floating Toolbox symbol anywhere by Dragging it.

– Floating Toolbox size is easily changeable and manageable.

– Assign the color to Floating Toolbox, whatever you like

– It lets you show Floating Toolbox on the Lock screen.

– Early and fast access to all mobile applications.

– Handy and reliable for quick access to frequently used apps without crowding the home screen

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Customize android home screen with floating Toolbox

1. You have to enable the Toolbox to use it.

2. Select your favorite apps you want to add to Floating ToolBox.

3. Double tap on Floating Launcher helps you to open recent activities.

This app does the same as the Samsung Edge panels but is easier to use and more convenient because of the floating button.



Q: Can I add more than one floating toolbox to my home screen?

A: You can add multiple floating toolboxes to your home screen. Download and install multiple floating toolbox apps and customize them according to your preferences.

Q: Can I remove the floating toolbox from my home screen?

A: You can remove the floating toolbox from your home screen by uninstalling the app you used to add it.

Q: Will adding a floating toolbox to my home screen slow down my phone?

A: No, adding a floating toolbox to your home screen should not slow down your phone. These apps are designed to be lightweight and efficient.


Customizing your Android home screen with a floating toolbox is a great way to make your phone more functional and personalized. With a floating toolbox, you can access your favorite apps and shortcuts anywhere on your screen. Follow the steps outlined in this article to customize your floating toolbox and start enjoying the benefits today.